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Kids surfing camp, North Shore, Oahu
Surfing Lessons in San Diego and Hawaii

All of our learn to surf sessions focus on fun and safety.

Whether you are a first time surfer learning how to paddle and stand up, or an advanced surfer learning new tips and techniques, we can help you achieve your goals.

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Surfing facts

To this date, more Willis Bros. big wave surfboards have surfed Waimea Bay on the North Shore of Oahu than any other.


 The first surfboards were shaped out of felled trees using a primative rock adz. Later the shape was smoothed and refined with small pebbles and coarse sand. These wooden surfboards could weigh in excess of 150 lbs.


Terry Fitzgerald, master shaper from Australia, was known as the sultan of speed for his performances at Sunset Beach in Hawaii.


Legendary surfboard shaper Mike Diffenderfer was reffered to as "Gator" because of his rough hands.







WB Surf Shop: WB Surfboards

Milton and Michael Willis continue to contribute to surfboard shaping and design. Their surfboards have been, and continue to be surfed in the best waves around the world. Waves ranging from 1-100 feet. The surfers who have surfed on their boards reads like a who's who.: Mark Foo, Robie Page, Andy and Bruce Irons, Johnny-boy Gomes, Garrett and Liam McNamarra and many more great surfers of all levels and abilities.


WB Fish: This highly maneuverable design turns on a dime and catches waves with ease.  A straighter rocker for more speed this surfboard makes surfing in small to medium surf fun and exciting.  A great surfboard to have in the summer or high performance quiver is the fish design.  Available in 2 and 3 fin setups.
WB Performance surfboards: Short in length and generally narrower and thinner WB surfboards are preferred by many youth, hard core and high performance surfers.  You know who you are.  Good for barrel rides, hard gouging lightning nonstop high action surfing.  Flat through the center and the right rail and rocker combination combined with and original outline are proven.  Experience what high performance is all about with a WB short board and expand your surfing, available in 1, 2, or 3 fin sets.
WB Semi Dominator: Get that slight edge for catching waves and still have quick maneuverability and the sensitivity of a short surfboard.  Good for beach breaks, reefs and point breaks. A great surfboard to have for that bonus session after you has surfed all day.  Available in 1 or 3 fin sets.
Fish: 5"6 - 6"8
High Performance


Shortboard: 6"0 - 7"0
Dominator:7"2 - 8"6


WB Dominator: This great utility board is for waves from 1'-10'.   Smooth rocker and soft rails put the fun back in surfing.  From the very first wave it's clear why the Dominator got it's name.  Available in 1 and 3 fin sets.
WB Commander: Get the job done with the Commander.  Catches 2'4"waves with ease and can be ridden up to 20' with skill.  Great paddling, smooth turns and a solid feeling just as you would expect from a Commander.  Proven all around surf ability.  Available in 1 and 3 fin sets.
WB Wave Magnet: Effortlessly catch the smallest wind swells less than 2" high all the way up to 8' breaking waves.  Good for surfing, paddling, fishing, diving, rescue board and more.  The biggest most stable surfboard, you can even stand on it while waiting for sets.  Available in 1 and 3 fin sets.
Dominator: 8 "6 - 9"6
Commander: 9 "6 - 10"6
Wave Magnet: 10"6 - 12"0


WB Big Wave Gun: Do it right the first time.  WB big wave guns have given big wave surfers confidence in their equipment for over twenty years of big wave ridding. They work!  We recognize and thank the influence of Dick Brewer, Mike Diffenderfor, Gerry Lopez and other great shapers dedicated to the spirit of surfing.  Available in 1 or 3 fin set-ups.
WB-X1, Small tow surfboard: Complete your dream quiver.  For waves of all sizes this rugged multi glass hard finish WB-X1 power board is meant to take the demands of full throttle tow in surfing.  WB-X1 heavy weight. tow-boards have proven themselves in some of the  largest surf ever documented as seen  in the classic video Biggest Wednesday.  Find out what it's all about and experience the WB-X1 power board, a board you can trust!  Optional phazer bottom, straps included, 3 fin set up.
WB-X3, Big tow surfboard: For waves from 10'-100'.  High performance super big wave surfing for courageous, dedicated surfers only.  To get the most out of an epic, powerful once in a lifetime swell count on WB-X3 heavy weight tow-boards.  Built with passion, respect, commitment, when the going gets heavy, heavy surfers depend on the WB-X3.  Optional phazer bottom, straps included, 3 fin set up.
Big Wave Gun: 8"6 - 12"0
WB-X1: 6"6 - 7"2
WB-X3: 7"2 - 7"8

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