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Michael Willis: Expert surfing teacher
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"I had 4 days to learn surfing. I was surfing on my very first one.

The Willis brothers don't just teach you surfing, they give you the Aloha spirit. Their personal approach makes you part of the surfing community. I had a great time."
Washington, DC


Surfing Information

"The Willis Bros. are in the top 50 big wave surfers in the world"
                 - Ricky Grigg
Legendary big wave pioneer, oceanographer, and author.


WB Surfing: Learn To Surf

WB Surfing: Group surfing lesson

All of our learn to surf sessions focus on fun and safety. Whether you are a first time surfer learning how to paddle and stand up, or an advanced surfer learning new tips and techniques, we can help you achieve your goals. Choose the type of session that best suits your needs:

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What's your season?:

Summer is bathing suit season. It's known for fun, excitement, beach crowds. People of all ages and abilities are out on the waves. Find out first hand why and how everyone's doing it!

Kids are back in school. Historically, the water and air temp are the nicest of the year--no crowds!!! Continue your surfing progress or begin to get in shape for the next spring and summer.

Don't hibernate. Try something different. Experience Surfing. This winter people are going surfing. It is one of the best seasons of the year to enjoy surfing. Beautiful, uncrowded beaches. Stay fit for summer. WB Surfing has the highest quality equipment for comfort and performance.

Spring is everywhere. New things are happening. Get a jump start on summer. Experience something new. WB Surfing has the highest quality equipment for comfort and performance.

We look forward to surfing with you:

If you are interested in signing up for our camps or lessons, please take some time to read and sign our waiver. For your convenience and ultimately your safety, we provide the opportunity for you to print out this waiver and bring it to your session or you are welcome to submit your signature digitally.

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