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"Surf camp was so much fun. I learned so much that would have taken years to figure out on my own."
-Melanie Birse
Encinitas, CA



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Big wave surfing is best approached with a super positive mind, so is family, business and life.

Surfing 50foot tidal waves requires extreme self-control. Learning self-control is a greater accomplishment than surfing a tidal wave.

Pure and righteous desire result in deep tube rides; one tube ride has the equivalent benefit as a lifetime of devoted meditation.

Knowledge is the wings on which our aspirations take flight and soar. When it comes to surfing and life if you know what to do you can do it. If you desire anything become educated about it and succeed.

Persistence is the secret to paddling out through oncoming waves. Stay persistent, it may take a while but sooner or later you will get a break and smoothly make it out.

Success is the result of right choices. Choose your waves wisely.

Good communication is paramount for success in tow surfing into giant waves or anywhere else two or more people are working together for a common cause.

Good surfers and bad surfers both get wiped out from time to time. The ocean doesn’t discriminate humans shouldn’t either.

Paddling into large waves requires 100% commitment; hesitation could result in wiping out. Relationships are the same way.

Surfing begins with respect. Malama ke kai is Hawaiian for “Respect the sea”. Respect also nature and all life.

Water – one of the world’s strongest forces seeks the path of least resistance.

If you are ever lonely go to the ocean and the ocean will wave back.

Life like a surfing contest isn’t always fair, it’s not always the best surfer who wins. Always give your best, do a job big or small do it right or not at all. It’s what you do and how you feel about it that counts the most.

73% of the world is covered in water. 73% or more of a surfer’s ability is mental.

The secret to tube ridding is “Hang in there”. Many times in the height of excitement inexperienced surfers bail out overwhelmed by the experience. When things appear out of hand with no way out “Hang in there”

During the heaviest of wipeouts is the most important time to remain calm.

Good surfers remain flexible physically and more importantly mentally.

Ocean waves, heat waves, fashion waves, brain waves and particle waves, waves are everywhere---- catch the waves of success.

Never turn your back on the ocean least it swallow you up. Problems are like this too.

When presented with challenges confront them just like a surfer confronts the waves - head on.

On wiping out--- Everyone shines bright when riding high on the crest of a wave, it’s when things go wrong and we wipe out that we learn the most gaining courage and real strength along the way.

To really “Know thyself” try going through what surfers refer to as a wipeout.

Master surfboard shapers have a tried and true “system” to ensure success with the surfboards they shape. Good shapers start with a sound concept and develop a workable plan to materialize it. Plan is enacted allowing for adjustments along the way. When finished the work is reviewed and inspected with strict accuracy and attention to detail. It can be just as easy to shape a great life, as it is a great surfboard if you plan for it and properly execute that plan. Success is no accident but usually the result of good planning.

From philosophy, physics, oceanography, meteorology, psychology, to art, economy, life and more, many consider the ocean the world’s greatest teacher.

With 73% of the planet under water perhaps “earth” should be renamed “ocean”.

Wipeouts are nature’s way of keeping us alert and awake.

Surfing is more than good rides pure stoke and occasional sunburns, it’s also about people getting together in celebration and having a great time. Surfing is an individually shared (some say spiritual) experience.

Combined with others a grain of sand becomes a beach. United we stand, all living things.

Moments are determined by how we define them. Find a good ride in every wave.

Take good care of your surfboard and it will take good care of you.

The warmest sunshine comes from within.

During special events called wipeouts survival skills and the ability to adept are often at their highest peak resulting in much higher self-awareness and personal growth.

Every surfer wants to ride a wave but no surfers want to wipe out.

When it comes to surfing; the greater the risk the higher the reward.

It takes all the drops of water to form a wave. Separate the drops of water and there would be no wave.

True balance comes from being centered. For balance in surfing and life stay centered for a good ride.

Success isn’t found in how long a ride lasts but rather what a surfer does while riding.

Paradise is where you find it; make your own paradise wherever you go.

Tow surfing requires successful teamwork; one must be understood and be able to understand at the same time.

Kook: Someone who pretends to be something they are not.

Each time a surfer goes surfing he or she begins anew for the first time from wince they left off.

Some surfers say smooth waves are easier to ride others say bumpy waves help the surfboard go faster. To get the best out of all conditions or situations always look for the advantages.

Master big wave gladiators do their best to avoid wipeouts by focusing on what they would like to happen rather than what they don’t. Choosing thoughts that empower and build confidence big wave surfers are better prepared to wipe out, however the focus exclusively remains on success.

Wiping out – wrong place wrong time, wipeouts reset our rhythm and flow allowing us to begin again with a new start.

Wipeouts are prime opportunities for real growth, deeper self-understanding, and long lasting personal advancement.

Sometimes more change happens in an instant than in thousands of years; look at the swells that sometimes travel for thousands of miles only to break near the shore instantly becoming waves.

We can learn a lot from long toes and stingrays- mostly- don’t step on them.

Even sure footed surfers know what it’s like to slip. Humility begets greatness, struggle begets strength, and sacrifice begets purity.

For a surfboard to perform at it’s maximum potential on waves; Outline, bottom, rocker, and thickness foil and fin configuration must all work together in harmony. Find harmony in cooperation.

The hardest part about catching a big wave is getting off the beach and paddling out. Paddle out and catch the kind of waves dreams are made of beginning with the thought.

In nature as in surfing the ability to respond is a vital part of the experience and critical to survival. Sharpen your response time by taking responsibility for each and every moment as it materializes and improve all areas of life.

If at first you don’t succeed try again. There will always be another wave.

When the waves are really big and pumping and things are going fast and chaotic, experienced surfers relax more and slow down their thoughts. Go faster by learning to slow down.

In times of trouble remember the tide always changes. After every low tide high tide will come in.

Anything on a wave is possible for the surfer with experience, knowledge, and imagination. Combine experience, knowledge and imagination to achieve the seemingly impossible.

The same storm in the same ocean can produce many different kinds of waves. Some waves are destined for a surfer’s pleasure while others will cause a surfer pain. Experienced surfers see the waves before they arrive and know which ones to catch.

There is incredible power in huge waves, as there is power in just one word. Both have the power to change destinies and must be respected and chosen wisely.

Surfers win by knowing when to paddle out, when to catch a wave and when to pull back. Win by knowing When.

History of life is being recorded in the waves as they continue to mirror daily life, constantly in flux and ever changing. Undulating ocean waves contain hidden secrets, patterns and insights that can be seen by all surfers that take the time to look, but few take the time to really see them. The secret is to look. Really see the sea.

Waves like people come in all shapes and sizes and like to go to the beach. Unlike some people waves know no boundaries or borders and treat all surfers equally.

A place for the carefree, happy and barefoot to connect with nature, the beach can be a state of mind. Tap into the power of the beach to sustain life and kindle a sense of well being.

In times of trouble remember the tide always changes. After every low tide high tide will

When in doubt donít paddle out. Listen to your heart and trust your instincts, there is always another day.

The best surfer is the one having the most fun. Surfing and life are meant to be enjoyable.

It is better to have surfed and wiped out than to have never surfed at all.

Sometimes catching waves requires keen observation and supreme patience. Great surfers know when to act and when to be patient.

Hang loose. Good surfers stay relaxed, take a deep breath and let it all out.

Great surfers see swells coming well in advance. They know exactly where waves are going to break ahead of time by watching the horizon. Look to the horizon of your dreams and see the future

Rhythm, timing and flow are keys to success in surfing, business and life.

Big waves like dreams are nothing to be afraid of. Surfers all over the world now surf big waves that only a few years ago were feared impossible. With proper preparation, a positive mind and continued dedication everything is possible.

Big wave surfing and big wave dreams are a lot alike. Both take vision, courage and all consuming will power to succeed.

Shaping surfboards just like life is an art. Master shapers pay attention to details.

Swells are like thoughts they keep on coming. When swells are directed just like the mind they produce fantastic waves.

Surfing is about passion. He who finds passion in life finds a good thing.

Walking on water is possible for everyone. Go surfing.

For the big moments in life, when the pressure is on, remember the ABC's of surfing; “ Always Be Cool.”

Big wave and life wipeouts can seem to last longer than they really are. The longer the hold down the sweeter the air will be when you come up to breathe.

Surfing is a state of mind.

In all human activity including surfing there is no greatness without opposition and challenge.

Paddling out to the waves just like life can be a struggle. Out of struggle comes real lasting strength.

The hardest part of surfing big waves is getting off the beach.

Thought waves can be mightier and more powerful than the largest of all tidal waves.

Experienced surfers know: Experience is the priceless reward on which no financial value can ever be placed.

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