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Published: July 4 2015

Happy 4th of July!

We'd like to wish you all a safe and happy Fourth of July Weekend and remember The Willis Way while you're out there in the water!

Blessings and respect,
The Willis Brothers

Published: Jan. 22 2015

New Book "13" Coming Soon

The next life-affirming book from The Willis Brothers entitled
"13" - Thoughts To Awaken Consciousness is due on store shelves June 2015. Keep checking back here to get an inside look as the brothers finish penning this exciting new book!

Published: Jan. 19 2015

Vacation Recommendations Coming Soon

We'll be adding beach-specific recommendations for vacationers and locals looking for the best in dining, rentals and hotspots when not riding waves. Bookmark this page now and check back soon to get the inside scoop from the legendary Willis Brothers!

Published: Nov. 14 2014

Union Tribune: Veteran's Day Surfing Debacle!

Originally Published: Nov. 12 2014

Willis Brothers' Response:

What are the qualifications for obtaining a beach permit to to teach 25 or more disabled vets how to surf using California state beaches? Flap over surfing veterans sparks social media outcry (Nov 12) was misdirected.

The real outcry should be what professional safety guidelines and qualifications in addition to a fee should be established before valid permits to instruct surfing using local beaches are given out.

Currently the only requirements to obtain surf instruction permits is money. To obtain a driving permit, hairdresser's license or even to trim nails professionally requires learning proper procedure a test and fee. However, to teach surfing professionally requires only a fee.

With respect professional surfers Kelly Slater and Joel Tudor shouldn't be angered by a professional ranger for doing his job rather they should question the lack of established criteria for PROFESSIONAL surf instruction permitting i.e. safety standards, guidelines and rules.

In conclusion let's hope assemblyman Chavez, assemblywoman Gonzalez and the good people at State Parks come to the same conclusion--- it's time to make professional surf instruction permits mean something. Responsible community leadership begins by learning from past mistakes, addressing them honestly and moving forward in a positive direction that benefits all.

Milton B. Willis
Michael C.Willis
Big Wave World Champions

Published: Nov. 10 2015

PurposeRockstar Interviews Michael Willis

Listen to the heartfelt interview where Michael Willis goes in-depth on the Willis Brothers' history, music, and their life-changing philosophy of love, positivity, education and goodwill towards others.

Montgomery "Buttons" Kaluhiokalani March 30, 1959 -- November 2, 2013.

Watch the tribute video now. Click here!

In honor and with big love and respect an official ceremony and paddle out was held for legendary, truly iconic surfer, Buttons Kaluhiokalani...

Surfing and Ocean Safety Quiz

At Willis Brothers Surfing we believe
knowledge is power when it comes to staying safe in the oceans environment. Before participating in surfing or any other ocean activity...

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How To Escape Rip Currents PSA



January 2015
Milton and Michael,

Thanks for a great day of surfing yesterday. It was a terrific bonding time for our family; one we will not forget. I suspect the next time we ride the waves we will no doubt think of The Willis Brothers.

Kate (our nine year old) will never forget the ABC's of surfing! Always be cool!

Best regards,
Paul Munro Family


I wanted to again thank you both for helping create such a wonderful experience for me and my daughter. Tyler was smiling ear to ear last night, feeling so proud of what she was able to accomplish and it was all thanks to the two of you and her hard work!

So many people in life half ass everything and you two both went above and beyond to make our experience special and I just want to acknowledge you both for that.

With Great Respect,

Willis Brothers

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